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Also known as: external benefit, positive externality. It is called an external effect because the effect in question is outside the contract. Also known as: externality. Рулетка онлайн радмир also: incomplete contract, market failure, external benefit, external cost. See also: feasible set.

See рулетка онлайн радмир feasible frontier. This is equal to disposable income minus VAT paid, plus the value of public services received. One measure of this is the amount collected divided by the cost of administering the tax system.

See also: fiscal рулетка онлайн радмир, fiscal policy, aggregate demand.

See also: fiscal stimulus, fiscal multiplier, aggregate demand. See also: fiscal multiplier, fiscal policy, рулетка онлайн радмир demand. See also: foreign portfolio investment. Foreign direct investment (FDI), by contrast, entails ownership and substantial control over the owned assets.

See also: foreign direct investment. Also known as: gains from trade. See also: economic rent.]



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Рулетка онлайн радмир



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